Dog ‘Bella’ that went missing on July 4 has been found

Dog ‘Bella’ that went missing on July 4 has been found

UPDATE @ 3:40 p.m. (July 9)

Bella, a dog that went missing July 4, has been found.

Kris Lambert, her owner, said Bella just needed a bath and some mending for some minor scrapes.

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The Independence Day holiday can be terrifying for pets, with the loud booms of fireworks causing some to run away.

With Fourth of July celebrations continuing Friday night and through the weekend in some communities, the loud booms of fireworks can scare pets and cause them to run away.

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center told News Center 7's Monica Castro that the shelter is seeing an increase in the number of people looking for their pets, but they have not seen a large increase of stray dogs coming in yet.

Many owners took extra precautions to keep pets safe. Meghan Kolakowski kept her dog Lola inside, and put her in a “thunder shirt.”

“Take a thunder shirt or jacket, or even a towel, and tie it around them,” Kolakowski said. “It’s like a hug, it helps with their anxiety.”

Kris Lambert’s dog Bella is one of the pets missing after Thursday night.

“I’m actually trying to find my dog,” he said. “I let her out about 12:30 at night and that’s about the time the neighbors decided to light off fireworks. The next thing you know she’s gone.”

The ARC said so far this month it’s taken in 38 stray dogs.

On Friday morning the shelter already had seven people come in looking for a lost dog. On average they see six to seven people per day looking for a lost pet.

Unfortunately for Lambert, Bella wasn’t there.

“I’ve been driving around practically nonstop. I was out last night for two to three hours last night after she jumped the fence. Now, for three to four hours already today,” Lambert said.

The animal resource center's website is updated with all dogs that are brought in. If you have found a pet, you are encouraged to bring it in to the resource center.

Lambert said he is not giving up on his search for Bella.

“It is a family member. It’s my fur baby. It’s like a child. It just has four legs and pants,” he said.

To keep your pet safe, the animal resource center suggests making sure pets are always wearing identification.