THE LATEST: 2 killed in shootout near Yellow Springs

MIAMI TWP., Greene County — This story will be updated with any new information about the shootout that ended with two people dead on Grinnell Road outside Yellow Springs.


The shooting happened Feb. 12 in the 3400 block of Grinnell Road around 11 a.m.

Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer said it appears a couple, Lindsey and Molly Duncan, were ambushed in the driveway of their million-dollar home when gunfire erupted.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office identified the two people killed during a shootout outside a Yellow Springs area home as Cheryl Sanders and her husband Robert Reed Sanders.

An incident report lists the case as a justifiable homicide.

Both Cheryl Sanders and Robert Reed Sanders died from multiple gunshot wounds, said Greene County Coroner Kevin Sharrett. His office is still looking at ballistics to determine who fired shots and how many times.


The people killed in the shooting are Lindsey Duncan’s ex-wife, Cheryl Sanders, and her current husband, Robert Reed Sanders.


Cheryl Sanders, who was a celebrity spokeswoman and stunt woman, appeared on the cover of Healthy Living Magazine.

She was a stunt double for Brooke Shields, Sharon Stone and other A-list actresses.

Robert Reed Sanders had been licensed in real estate in Texas. Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer said Thursday the man had a criminal record, but he did not elaborate.

Lindsey is the founder and CEO of Genesis Today who appeared on the Dr. Oz Show and The View nearly a decade ago to talk about weight loss.

Court records show that Lindsey Duncan and Cheryl Sanders signed a prenuptial agreement in 1999, were married, then divorced in 2009.

Cheryl Sanders and Lindsey Duncan have two daughters, the Greene County Sheriff said. Both are college-age.

Since the divorce, the records indicate their relationship remained sour.

According to a court filing in 2016, Lindsey sued Cheryl Sanders and Robert Duncan for defamation, slander, libel and other accusations.

“Defendant Cheryl provided a written statement to both boards of Genesis Pure and Genesis Today, as well as non-board members, employees and various members of the plaintiff’s family,” the suit says. “This statement accused the Plaintiff of false, malicious, defamatory and vicious accusations, which defamed both the plaintiff and Genesis Today and Genesis Pure.”

Exactly what was said isn’t spelled out in the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims Lindsey Duncan was subjected to numerous attempts at extortion and harassment.

Motions in the lawsuit have been filed as recently as September of last year.


The couple spoke for the first time after the shooting the Friday after the gunfire outside their Grinnell Road home.

Lindsey Duncan said the couple had just returned to their home. He said a man with a camouflage mask and hoodie ran up and held a gun to Molly Duncan’s head while the two were getting the mail.

“I thought it was a bad nightmare. Whatever happened after that was instinct,” Lindsey Duncan said. “All of a sudden, hell began’

He struggled to fight back tears as he explained what he remembered from the shooting.


Lindsey Duncan said in two separate gun battles, bullets were flying inches past his wife’s head.

Molly Duncan said: “I’m extremely thankful to be alive. I’m a mother and I still get to see my kids grow up.”

The couple thanked the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for their support in the days following the shooting.

Lindsey Duncan said law enforcement was “exactly right” to say the pair ambushed him in his driveway.


A man identifying himself as Lindsey Duncan can be heard in a 911 call alerting law enforcement that he had shot two people who he says threatened to kill him and his wife.

“I shot them, they came up to our window and had a gun pointed at my wife’s head,” Lindsey Duncan told a dispatcher while asking for authorities to get to his 3443 Grinnell Road home as quickly as possible.


The couple who died in a Greene County shooting Wednesday had come to Ohio to confront the woman's ex-husband about access to their children's college fund, according to a close friend of the couple.

Adrian King, a former business partner of Reed Sanders, told the Dayton Daily News that money was at the root of the dispute.

"Supposedly, both Cheryl and Lindsey had to sign off on any money that was taken out of the fund for the girls," said King, 81, of North Carolina. "But part of the trust was that Lindsey could withhold funds if the girls didn't go to a school that he approved of, and that's what they were fighting over."

King said he is a former business partner of Reed Sanders and is a lay minister who performed Reed and Cheryl's wedding ceremony. He called himself Reed Sanders' "closest confidant."

King said with both girls currently in college, and without access to the educational trust fund, "Reed and Cheryl had been put in a financial crunch." He said the couple had filed a lawsuit against Duncan over access to the money, but the issue had not been resolved.


A camera system was set up in the area of the shooting, said Sheriff Gene Fischer. A phone found in Sanders’ car was reportedly receiving that video.

Fischer said that about five years ago the homeowner told the sheriff’s office that he believed his ex-wife, Cheryl Sanders, was trying to hire someone to kill him. That was the only threat that the sheriff’s office received.

Once the investigation is complete, information will be presented to the grand jury for review of any potential charges, according to the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office.

The sheriff’s office is trying to talk to as many people as possible while investigating the shooting and asked that anyone who thinks they may have any information to contact them.

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