Neighbors still furious, worried about old Hewitt Soap Factory remains

Neighbors are furious that it’s been more than a year and the old Hewitt Soap Factory still sits in ruins since last November.

Residents are worried someone will get hurt on what’s left of the factory on Linden Avenue.

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News Center 7's James Buechele talked with one man who's mad it's still there today.

“That’s dangerous for anybody,” said Shane McIntire. “This has been a year and it still looks like this.”

McIntire said he’s seen kids climbing in the debris and taking bricks from the site.

“Kids are curious, they’re going to be up there climbing in there. Somebody’s going to get hurt,” he said. “I’m just worried somebody’s going to get in there and that stack is going to fall.”

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The city moved quickly after an abandoned building near downtown burned over the summer, but yet the soap factory debris is still there.

“The city’s not doing nothing about it. They worry about what’s going on downtown, they don’t worry about what’s going on out here. I’m kind of tired about it,” said McIntire.

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A spokesperson for the city of Dayton said, “The City does not own this property and has no current plan to finish demolishing it for the owner. We are putting a lien on the property for the cost of demolition for the portion that we took care of (approx. $330,000).”

News Center 7's James Buechele sent an email to the property owner about future plans to demolish what's left. They have not yet replied.

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