National Museum of the United States Air Force holds ‘micro drone race’

The National Museum of the United States Air Force held the second annual micro drone race on Saturday afternoon.

Visitors who attended the event were able to see 20 registered micro drone pilots maneuver their drones over, under, around and through the C-124 and F-82 aircraft at the museum.

The pilots raced in a series of 2-minute heats with four drones in each heat, and spectators were able to watch the race along the course in the museum’s second building, as well as from a large screen that showed the drones’ perspective during the race.

Visitors were also able to experience flying a drone around two designated areas with computer-based simulators.

Kele Stanley, the organizer of the event, said the goal is to show people where the future of drone flight is headed.

“The technology is advancing almost daily, and it’s really fantastic that we get the opportunity to come in and race in such a unique environment and to show what the capabilities are of the technology that we’re using,” Stanley said.

Stanley said the plan for next year is to hold a large two-day event and pull in out of state pilots and talent.

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