2 juveniles, adult ‘secured’ following shooting in Huber Heights

HUBER HEIGHTS — Numerous officers responded to a shooting inside a Huber Heights neighborhood, just a block away from an elementary school, Monday morning.

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Huber Heights Police were dispatched to the intersection of Harshmanville Road and Hubbard Drive at around 8:20 a.m. on reports of a shooting, the city’s dispatchers confirmed.

When officers arrived, they heard several shots fired from a single-story house in the residential neighborhood. The house was located just a block away from Monticello Elementary School. In response, more officers were called upon to secure the area at which time they were seen aiming their weapons at the home, according to footage viewers submitted in.

Police approached the house where two juveniles and an adult resident exited. They were subsequently “secured,” Huber Heights Police Sergeant Josh Fosnight told News Center 7 Reporter Kayla McDermott.

Officers then entered the house and found a gun, which was fired in the backyard, Fosnight said. The weapon was not discharged at anyone and no one was injured.

During the investigation, police were attempting to find out who fired the gun.

There was an adult at the premises, but it was unknown how the adult was related to the two juveniles.

No one was arrested at the time of questioning, however that was subject to change following the investigation.

Officers were able to contain the “active” scene quickly, according to Fosnight.

Huber Heights Police led the investigation into the shooting.

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Residents were always encouraged to call in any shootings they hear so that officers could respond promptly, Fosnight said. People were also advised to keep their firearms safely locked away to prevent unwanted injuries.

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