More than 100 products recalled due to listeria concerns; items sold in Ohio

More than 100 products are under recall because of listeria.

You can find the full list of recalled items here.

It could cause serious illness, and many of the affected items are sold in Ohio.

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“Makes me feel very uncomfortable,” said Lathedia Peak.

112 different items listed by the CDC ranging from several types of cheeses, yogurt, dressings, and salad kits are being recalled.

The outbreak is nationwide and two people have died.

Dr. Joseph Allen, Regional Medical Director with Premier Health said the bacteria typically spreads from poor sanitary conditions.

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“You’ll see that, you know, fecal oral route we call it where there’s, there’s times where that gets transmitted across the different places and gets into things that we don’t cook or pasteurize,” Allen said.

Even though he hasn’t seen any cases yet, there is a Dole salad-making plant in Springfield, which is one of the contaminated companies cited by the CDC, which could lead to people in our area getting sick.

One woman who was shopping at Trader Joes, just one of the stores where products are being recalled, said she wouldn’t risk keeping any of the contaminated items in her fridge.

“They’d be gone,” said Beverley Boyer.

Some of the contaminated products have a best-if-used-by date as late as July of this year for you to check.

List of recalled items here.

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