Montgomery County EMS workers receive Moderna vaccine

MONTGOMERY COUNTY — Montgomery County EMS workers began receiving the COVID-19 Moderna vaccine today.

50 public health workers located at the Dayton Convention Center have been working to distribute the vaccine to EMS workers, who are able to stop in during their shift to get the shot.

“It is the first day of many, so it is going to be rolling out over a period of time, so EMS workers are doing it during their shifts and scheduling themselves in to be able to do it quickly while they are still able to provide services,” said Dan Suffoletto, the Montgomery County Public Information Supervisor at Public Health.

3,100 doses of the vaccine are being distributed to all EMS workers in Montgomery County, and all 3,100 individuals have to come back after a month to receive their second dose of the vaccine.

The vaccine will continue to be distributed to EMS and Home Care workers over the next three days.

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