Miamisburg detectives continue working to find Chelsey Coe, solve case

MIAMISBURG — Miamisburg police detectives said as recently as last week they were working on the case involving Chelsey Coe, who went missing in the fall of 2017.

While no specific details about last week’s activity were able to be released, investigators are continuing to try and find Coe and solve the case.

Coe was 25 when she was reported missing by her mother in September 2017. Shula Woodworth, who lives in the Adams County area, said she filed the report on her daughter after not hearing from Coe for a few months.

Miamisburg police Sgt. Jeff Muncy said FBI and local officers – including Miamisburg Chief John Sedlak — came with police dogs in May to the property at 551 Lower Miamisburg – Coe’s last-known address – and obtained permission from a nearby landowners to search additional grounds.

Crews worked in and around a pole barn next door to the 551 address for much of the day, and a backhoe was used later in the afternoon to dig near the barn

Police “don’t have any specific knowledge that Chelsey is there” on the Lower Miamisburg properties, Muncy said in May.

As part of their investigation.Police and the FBI also searched the Sugarcreek Reserve on Conference Road in July, which temporarily closed the park.


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