Miami Valley sees gas prices drop by almost $1 per gallon just before Memorial Day weekend

BUTLER TOWNSHIP — Many travelers were expected to drive to their vacation destination during the Memorial Day weekend. With so many driving, officials pointed to gas prices to see if the trip would be easy on your wallet.

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News Center 7 Reporter Xavier Hershovitz surveyed gas prices across various stations throughout Miami Valley and discovered the average cost per gallon for general regions.

Hershovitz found that this year’s gas prices were generally cheaper than last year’s. During this time of year, the average cost per gallon was $4.43 in 2022. However, that price dropped below $4.00.

Dayton’s average circled $3.53, while Springfield’s average neared $3.54. Overall, Ohio’s average was $3.52.

“We’ve seen prices cycle in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio all this week. They’ve all taken a big jump off,” Patrick De Haan, the head of Petroleum Analysis Gas Buddy, said. “The national trend is a gentler increase. If you’re headed down to Kentucky you’ll probably see lower prices. In fact, the further south you go the cheaper prices tend to get.”

If you were not planning on taking a trip this holiday weekend, the official suggested that you wait until the holiday is over for prices to go down to fill up your tank.

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