Memorial Day tornado, Oregon District shooting survivor publishes book one year after tragedy

Dion Green has been through more heartache and pain in one year than many people experience in a lifetime -- but one year after when he says tragedy began, he’s channeling his frustrations and thoughts into a new book that he hopes will inspire others in their hardships.

Green just published his first book, ‘Untitled: Act of God, Act of Man’ that describes the challenges of his life, starting as a young man, and how he overcame them.

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Green lives in one of the Dayton neighborhoods hit hardest by the Memorial Day tornadoes and was also with his father, Derrick Fudge, when Fudge was killed by a mass shooter in the Oregon District last year.

After losing his father, Green’s therapist encouraged him to start writing down this thoughts and feelings.

“It started just becoming pages after pages after pages,” Green told News Center 7′s Jenna Lawson.

Eventually, it turned into a short book that was recently published -- although Green said he hasn’t been able to read it all the way through just yet.

“My family members -- I got an editor that I send it to,” he said. “I’m not ready to read it yet, and I might not be ready to read it this year or I might read two pages and put it down. I’m not ready to open back up about it.”

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Green said although his story is painful, he hopes it inspires other people when they are feeling down about their own life situations.

“I just want to help people get through their times when they’re hard -- when they’re done,” Green said. “Just like everybody who has been helping me, I want to give that back.”

Green said he is planning to publish another book that includes his perspective on the good people and support he’s experienced in his lifetime.

‘Untitled: Act of God, Act of Man’ is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Westbow Press’ website.

Jenna Lawson

Jenna Lawson

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