Many celebrate changes in curfew, buffets this week; Some remain cautious hoping not to return to mandates


DAYTON — The curfew is gone in Ohio and many are celebrating, but others hope it does not lead to a new spike in COVID cases.

A mixture of excitement and concern is among the people in the Dayton community.

“Whenever we’re doing whatever we do, we always have our masks on, always social distance, it’s always the same thing. We never, I never, go to big parties,” said Ben Freedman, a University of Dayton student.

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Lines were out the door earlier in the evening Friday at some popular bars.

Many are happy to see the curfew gone, but the Governor said he thinks it did help in bringing the COVID numbers down.

“We believe it has made a big difference,” DeWine said.

In addition to lifting the curfew this week, a new health department order was issued that allows for buffets and salad bars to reopen.

Masks are required at the buffet, or else you have to be served at your table. Signs are also posted to make sure that people stand at least six feet from tables.

While many celebrate the suspension of the curfew and the reopening of buffets, some still have questions about other mandates in Ohio and when they might change.

“And yet hospitals still refuse to allow family and friends to visit loved ones. Not to mention nursing homes,” one News Center 7 viewer shared.

The state did allow indoor nursing home visits in October. Many facilities have kept restrictions, but more are now allowing visits.

In hospitals, most in the Dayton region are currently allowing one support person with a patient, but there are some exceptions.

Another viewer wrote to News Center 7, “Can we get Walmart back 24 hours please?”

A lot of grocery stores have limited hours for cleaning and that is up to individual stores.

Even with all of the changes this week, many see the changes as a sign of hope and not more cases if the right action is taken.

“There’s a bit of a fear right now that this leads to an increase again and we have to pull it back again. So really hope that doesn’t happen. I think the best way to avoid that is for all of the patrons to make sure they are following the safety guidelines,” said Emily Mendenhall, the owner of Lily’s Bistro.