Man who lost father in Oregon District mass shooting heads to Maine to show support

DAYTON — A man is suspected of killing 18 people at a bowling alley and restaurant in Maine.

The community in Dayton knows what the people in Maine are going through now.

One of the men impacted by the Oregon District mass shooting wants to be there for those who are hurting.

“I can feel the date coming,” Dion Green, founder of the Fudge Foundation.

Green is talking about his dad, Derrick Fudge, whose birthday is in a few days.

Fudge died in the Oregon District mass shooting in 2019.

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Since then, Green has traveled all over the country to be there for families and friends of victims of other mass shootings.

Now he has plans to head up to Maine.

“Just to give them encouragement and hope, you know, I know what they’re going through, personally, the beginning and still on. So just to be there to help them get through that dark spaces, is very needed,” he said.

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What he’s learned is sometimes a hug could make a difference or just simply showing up.

“I want them to see that there are other people there that went through what they went through that are there to support you,” Green said.

He said once he gets to Maine, he will be there for a couple of days because doing this can take a toll.

“Two days max, when I was in Uvalde it drained the soul out of me and I had to get back home and be around people that I love to refill me back up,” he said.

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