Man accused of impersonating parent, attempted kidnapping at Xenia school appears in court

XENIA — A Fairborn man accused of impersonating a parent and planning to drug and kidnap a child at an “Open House” event at a Greene County school appeared in court Monday morning.

Reid Duran, 35, was arrested Aug. 22 after an incident at St. Brigid School. According to police, Duran went to the school, attempting to impersonate a parent with the intention of trying to kidnap a child.

News Center 7 was in Xenia Municipal Court Monday when Duran appeared in person for a bond hearing. Prosecutors were going to ask the court to deny bond, but before they could Duran’s attorney asked for a continuance.

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The judge agreed to the continuance, meaning Duran will remain in jail without bond.

“We did not object because the defendant must remain incarcerated until the next hearing takes place,” David Hayes, Greene County Prosecutor said.

In a 911 call released from the incident last week, St. Brigid’s principal Terry Adkins told dispatchers that there was a trespasser at the school.

“I have a gentleman here that has trespassed into our school open house, asking questions and claiming to be the parent of a daughter. And he is not,” Adkins said. “So I need a police officer to investigate and enquire. He’s posing a threat.”

When police arrived on scene, they interviewed Duran in the school parking lot where he gave different stories about why he was at the school before admitting that he came to kidnap a child. He then voluntarily agreed to come to the Xenia Police Division to speak with officers.

While in an interview room, Duran attempted to stab a Xenia officer with a pen. The incident was caught on surveillance camera. The videos were released as part of a public records request made by News Center 7 last week. The videos, released Thursday by Xenia police, show a man, later identified as Duran, grab a pen and attempt to stab a police officer.

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Duran later told an officer that he went to St. Brigid School “attempting to find a small child to obtain sexual favors,” according to the affidavit. He told police he planned to drug the child with a tranquilizer-laced Starburst and abduct them when they passed out.

Hayes told News Center 7 that because of Duran’s original plan and attempt to injure and fight with officers, they planned to argue that Duran should be held under condition of no bond.

“We have to prove by clear and convincing evidence that the weight of the evidence is great and the individual does represent a danger to the public,” Hayes said. “And we believe that is the case with Mr. Duran.”

Duran’s case is expected to be presented to a Greene County grand jury Wednesday. If the grand jury hands up an indictment, his case will be transferred from municipal court to common pleas court.

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