Making A Difference: Neighborhood God Mom

HUBER HEIGHTS — “I am the face of this neighborhood. When they see me come out, they just run to me, and it puts a smile on my face.” Stacie Campbell is talking about her neighborhood just off I-75 Huber Heights.

She and her family have lived in the neighborhood for several years. “They call me the neighborhood God Mom,” as she chucked sharing how she is “Making a Difference” with News Center 7.

Every day she prides herself on looking out for the 15-20 neighborhood kids. Some as young as eight, others as old as 16. “When I come home, and I see that, and I hear them yell my name, it just makes me happy too.

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They are so elated jumping up and down. You have candy? Can I have some water? You have snacks? They all attack me - I think it’s great.”

She prides herself on being part mother, part role model, part rule-enforcer and part friend. “I want them to see that me being an example to other children, they can do it when they have their kids.”

Seeing the kids come outside and enjoy each other, Stacie said, “I think it keeps a sense of togetherness amongst these guys.”

During our visit, WHIO watched as a couple middle school-aged girls went running up to Stacie and gave her a big hug. She told them, “I’m going to give you some water and snacks when I get done, ok.”

The girls had their choice of chips, cookies, and rice crispy treats. The treats were all neatly placed in a round basket atop a new case of bottled water.”

Over the years, there have been people and neighbors who could not understand why she cares so much. “Well, they think I’m crazy. They don’t see or understand why I allow myself to do what I do with the children. But I love kids and have a lot of patience.”

In Stacie’s own way, she’s “Making a Difference” in kids’ lives. She only asks for two things - Be respectful and make her smile. “If people do this every single day, this will make the world a greater place.”

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