Making a Difference: Crockpot Lady

DAYTON — “Easy-peasy” is how Eva Wells’ sees it when it comes to putting together simple, healthy meals for anyone who will listen. She’s had quite an audience since she started this journey seven years ago. “I was blessed, it was a blessing. So, it’s just taken off since then. So, now I am the Crockpot Lady,” as she laughed about her title. “Just call me the Crockpot Lady.”

She came up with this “recipe” when her employer gave her time off to volunteer in the community. Wells loves being in the kitchen, it was part of her upbringing on the family farm in Indiana.

“I would stand on one of the stools and watch my grandmother cook. Add this, salt and pepper this…” Her volunteer opportunity turned into her obsession.

Wells visits various groups and organizations, and News Center 7 caught up with “The Crockpot Lady” at Dixon United Methodist Church in Dayton. “Hi ladies, how are you?”

She welcomed more than a dozen people as they made their way to their blue tablecloth-covered tables. “We’re doing a one-pot meal that is healthy easy to do, very few ingredients , so we’re making chicken pot pie.”

Wells quickly got to work talking and showing the group how to prepare the meal. “I‘m going to add my cream of mushroom and my cream of chicken. That’s on your recipe.” Her goal is to share crockpot recipes that take no more than 15 minutes to prepare.

Wells has high blood pressure, survived breast cancer, and lost her husband to cancer. “We all need to be healthier,” and she’s made it her mission to do her part with healthy meals.

When it came time for the group to taste her grandmother’s favorite, Wells sad, “I’m not hearing any talking now, huh ladies?” The group laughed as they continued eating from their Styrofoam-filled bowls.

Pam Hankins lives in Dayton. She had a friend invite her to come to the crockpot tutorial. “This was a great education, great education. And it was fun, and she can cook.”

Wells prepared three other recipes with the group. For dessert, she whipped up her Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake. Dayton’s Libby Sanders said, “that’s my weakness,” as she giggled with gratitude.

Nearing the end of “The Crockpot Lady’s” cooking presentation, she surprised the ladies with free crockpots. They laughed, clapped and were so grateful.

Wells said thanks to a micro-grant she received, she’s been able to buy and give away 100 crockpots. “As many crockpots as I’ve handed out, and the people I’ve met, and the people I continue to meet, I would say yes, yes, I’ve made a difference.

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