Local Dayton pub packed with Wyatt’s Fight Fundraiser supporters Sunday night

The rooms of Dublin Pub were packed, but wasn’t for the food and drinks. It was all to raise money for two year old Wyatt Ritchie. Wyatt was diagnosed with Leukemia December 8 2020. Right after getting sick with COVID.

“He tested positive for COVID and towards the end of his COVID quarantine is when he got a fever. He hadn’t had any symptoms of COVID” said Tiffany Ritchie, Wyatt’s mother.

Wyatt’s mother told NewsCenter7′s Ronnell Hunt in a matter of days Wyatt’s cheeks were swelling and he began limping.

She thought he had just hurt is foot until they went to the E.R. That’s when she and her husband got the news they never wanted to hear.

“Took him to the E.R. and they did blood work. After several attempts to get an IV, they found out his white blood count and blast in his blood, which indicated leukemia.” Tiffany said.

Within weeks of hearing the news, two members of the community put together a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the Ritchie family to help them financially.

One person that won an auction for a basket full of money gave the basket to the Ritchie family, others doing similar deeds.

Adrienne Adams, one of many people that showed up to support the Ritchie family. “We have four kids ourselves. So to have someone going through that at 2 and a half, I can’t even imagine. So we are here to support.” Adams said.

Wyatt’s father, said it’s taken a toll on him and his wife, who now stays at home and all four kids.

While he has seen a lot during his time as a Dayton fire fighter – he said his son is showing him day-by-day that he too is a fighter.

“He’s a fighter. So he’s handling it pretty well with everything that he has been through. I don’t think he fully knows what’s going on yet, so that helps. I think he’s just ready to go back to himself and be able to play with his brothers and sisters.” Said Thomas Ritchie, Wyatt’s father.

The Ritchies said it’s a long journey ahead for Wyatt and the rest of the family, but they also will continue the fight - thanks to the support of community showing once again they are ‘Dayton Strong’ together.

“I think it’s pretty amazing. Just all of the support that we received from family and just the community in general and obviously the owner of the Dublin Pub for helping us to this and put this on for us is truly amazing. We greatly appreciate it,” said Thomas.

“I also would like to thank Dayton Children’s Hospital. They’ve really been supportive through this whole thing. The staff that they have over there has been really good with keeping us up to speed and giving us knowledge about this. I feel pretty blessed to have that kind of children’s hospital that close to home for us. It’s pretty amazing.”

“It’s amazing. It’s very heartwarming. It’s overwhelming. It’s a shock to believe that that many people that don’t even know you can come together to help support you. Especially when your kid is hurting,” said Tiffany.