‘Like seeing a ghost;’ Area teen missing for over a year walks into sheriff’s office

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP — A mother said she wanted nothing more than to know where her daughter has been for more than a year.

Today, News Center 7′s James Brown learned new information from detectives that even they are struggling to understand.

A year ago in February, 17-year-old Hannah Redkey vanished in the middle of the night.

Late last month, her mother told News Center 7 that not knowing what happened was slowly killing her.

“We live in a nightmare every day. It don’t get better, It gets worse. It’s just that one more day I’m not seeing her, or hearing from her,” Belinda Redkey said.  “Then my husband, he’s a mess, I mean he cries all day long.”

Belinda said whatever the answer was, she just wanted closure.

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Thursday afternoon a call came from a detective on Hannah’s case — Hannah walked into the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives said it was like seeing a ghost, they never expected it to end this way.

Hannah told detectives where she had been all this time.

She said she was living at her boyfriend’s house in southern Butler County.

A man that investigators knew nothing about.

Hannah said she did not want to be found and stayed mostly inside where people could not see her.

She said she wanted to get away from her parents and was not aware she was a missing person’s case.

Hannah’s mother said she fell to the ground when she learned her child was still alive.

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