‘Let me have my werewolf;’ Statue outside of Piqua home causes debate among neighbors

PIQUA — A Halloween decoration that is still standing outside of a Piqua home months after Oct. 31 is at the center of a debate in the neighborhood.

Mary Simmons is a self-proclaimed lover of Halloween and part of her love of the holiday includes her nearly 10-foot-tall werewolf statue, which she’s named Phil.

“I just love Halloween and it’s one of those things and I just ended up not taking him down and he’s kind of become my mascot,” Simmons told News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott.

>> PHOTOS: Werewolf statue in front yard of Piqua home causes debate among neighbors

Recently, the City of Piqua left a notice on Simmons’ door asking her to “please take down the seasonal wolf decoration.”

Since Phil was labeled as seasonal, Simmons has decided to “make him seasonal for every holiday.” Currently, the statue is dressed in red, white, and blue for Flag Day and the Fourth of July. She is even looking for outfits to keep the statue properly dressed for holidays months away.

“I’m trying to find a pilgrim outfit or stuffed turkey,” she said.

News Center 7 reached out to the city Wednesday. They said the notice was issued after receiving complaints about the statute. Neighbors who live right across the street have their own opinions of Phil.

“I think it’s cool. It [doesn’t] bother me, I just think what the city is doing is wrong,” Al Cantrell said.

Emily Cavanaugh doesn’t have the same feelings about the werewolf.

“I think it’s ugly. I think it needs to come down,” Cavanaugh said.

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Simmons said she’d understand the city’s concern if Phil was a danger, but she claims the statue is not one.

“I make sure he’s good. Like if he was falling apart, his head was ready to fall off and hit somebody, I’d take him down,” Simmons said.

Until then, Phil is going to remain up.

“Just let me have my werewolf, that’s all I want. I’m not asking for a lot, just let me have my werewolf,” she said.

The city said the Simmons is allowed to leave Phil up if she wants.

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