How to prepare your vehicle for winter

Temperatures are starting to fall in the Miami Valley.

Each year, motorists are encouraged to winterize their cars to ensure they don’t get stuck with a dead battery or other vehicle problems in the middle of cold weather.

News Center 7's Letitia Perry talked with a local AAA mechanic about what to do to prepare your vehicles ahead of winter.

Tire pressure, tire tread, battery strength, belts and hoses should all be checked before snow falls, according to a Beavercreek AAA Auto Specialist.

When it gets cold is when many drivers notice warning lights, which often has to do with tires.

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“This is always a great time... tread depth, aligned, having your tires replaced,” John Bucher said.

Bucher says the hot weather also has a lot to do with how your vehicle performs this time of year.

“The summer heat... that’s when they loose a lot of reserve, signs of failing and test badly,” he said.

Now that the weather is getting colder, vehicles, especially ones left outside, may start to struggle. Bucher says doing preventative maintenance now will say you money in the long run on repair bills.