Kindergarten student brings loaded pistol to local school

HARRISON TWP. — A kindergarten student brought a loaded pistol to class Tuesday, but investigators determined there was a “lack of criminal element” and decided no charges would be filed against the student’s mother or her boyfriend who owns the gun, according to a Montgomery County Sheriff’s report.

Deputies responded to the Timberlane Learning Center in Harrison Twp. at around 10 a.m. after the student found a loaded pistol in his backpack while taking out his homework, a sheriff’s office report showed.

“Oh, no my dad left his gun in my bag,” the child told his teacher, according to the report, which describes the gun as a Ruger LCP .380 caliber pistol with one magazine inserted.

Deputies spoke to both the mother and the man who drove the boy to school. The man said the child had his book bag under the seat of his pickup where he typically puts his gun when he goes to-and-from work. He “must have pushed it into the open/unzipped backpack,” the report read.

The man has a valid CCW permit and neither he nor the boy’s mother have a criminal history, according to the report.

David Jackson, superintendent of Northridge Schools, said it was the first time in his 17 years with the district a gun was discovered in one of the schools. He said the issue is something the district prepares for but at no time Tuesday were students or staff in danger.

“He did the right thing, reporting it to his teacher right away,” Jackson said. “With the culture and climate of our world, at any time a handgun is in the building it’s a huge concern.”

The boy was allowed to remain in school Tuesday after the incident but will not be in class until the district fully examines its policies, Jackson said.

“We do have zero-tolerance policies and board policy about disciplinary actions … that I am reviewing and looking at and working through right now,” he said. “Those decisions will be made, but haven’t been made at this point.”

Jackson said an automated call went out to parents during the afternoon followed by another notification in the evening after the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office investigation concluded.

A deputy visited the family’s home and found it neat and clean, according to the report which mentioned the man’s hunting gear was secured in a safe manner.

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