Kettering COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine trial participant shares her experience

DAYTON — The first 98,000 doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine are expected to arrive in Ohio by Tuesday.

But it wouldn’t be possible without thousands of volunteers who participated in clinical trials for the vaccine.

Kathy Lindahl, of Kettering, took part in the trials being conducted at the Primed office on Patterson Road in Dayton.

“It was just so interesting. I mean, you always hear about research trials and I thought it would be just fascinating to be part of it,” Lindahl said.

Lindahl had her first shot in October and had only a sore arm. She went back three weeks later for her second shot and felt okay for the first eight hours.

“Then I started feeling tired and then I went to bed and then I had chills and I ended up with a fever of 100.1, achy, headache, which went away in like 30 hours. Boom, gone,” she said.

The Kettering resident suspects she got the actual vaccine, but doesn’t know for sure. Half the volunteers got the vaccine and the other half got a placebo. Their commitment lasts two years and includes followup appointments and weekly e-diary entries.

She has a clear message for those skeptical of getting vaccinated.

“Oh, my God. The difference between having a 24-hour side effect versus having Covid? I mean, the horror stories. There’s just no comparison,” Lindahl said. “I would encourage everyone, absolutely everyone to get it.”

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