Jefferson Twp. Schools announce no in-person learning for remainder of year

Jefferson Township Schools confirmed Friday that the remainder of the school year there will be no in-person learning.

The district told staff, students, and parents about the plan to stay remote, which Superintendent Dr. Richard Gates says is to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff.

“Due to the fact that we do not have a ventilation system in either of our two buildings, coupled with the fact that we are in an extremely high risk community, we will remain remote until June 5, 20-21, which is the end of our school year,” the statement said.

Executive assistant, Kim Porter, told News Center 7 tonight that district employees did not get COVID-19 vaccines from the county and state vaccination program.

Additionally, Jefferson Twp. Schools said that they did not sign any previous agreement with the state and Gov. Mike DeWine to have kids back in the classroom by March 1st.