INSIDE LOOK: Greene Co. facility plants first crops dedicated to recreational use in Ohio

YELLOW SPRINGS — Wednesday the workers at Cresco Labs planted their first crop of marijuana that will be dedicated for recreational adult use in Ohio.

As reported on News Center 7 at 6, this was just the second time in the last six months News Center 7 has gotten inside access at their manufacturing facility in Yellow Springs.

Cresco has been in the medical marijuana business in Ohio since 2018.

They have the Greene County facility and five dispensaries across the state.

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In Yellow Springs, most of what Cresco Labs produces is marijuana buds and edibles.

On Monday, a state review committee finished looking over rules that will allow existing medical marijuana dispensaries like Cresco to apply for a dual-use license.

Currently, Cresco is gearing up to expand into the state’s new recreational pot market.

“What we know is that the application process will open the first week of June, for us to apply for dual use, dispensaries, meaning medical and, adult-use products,” Jason Erkes, Cresco Labs Chief Communications Officer said.

News Center 7 asked Erkes about the specific timeline for recreational sales.

>> PHOTOS: Greene Co. facility plants first crops dedicated to recreational use in Ohio

“Everything is contingent on how quickly the state can turn around those licenses. But whenever it is, we’ll be ready for the product to hit the stores, and the stores will be ready to welcome new, new consumers into the doors,” he said.

Ohio is still in a transition period after voters approved recreational marijuana in November.

It’s already legal to possess and grow at home, certain amounts of recreational marijuana.

There is currently nowhere to buy recreational pot legally.

That could change by the end of summer.

Under the new state law, Ohio has to have its legal recreational marijuana program up and running no later than Sept. 7

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