Impactful winter weather this week; 10 tips to prep your car for changing conditions

MIAMI VALLEY — Before the wintry weather moves into the Miami Valley, ensure your car is ready for the snow, ice, and wet conditions.

News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson explains what drivers need to know before peak Ohio wintry weather hits.

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Some important tasks to complete before snowfall include:

  • Make sure your headlights are clean
  • Get your battery tested
  • Check your antifreeze levels
  • Add repellent to your windshield
  • Check your tire pressure
  • Have a professional check your brakes
  • Make sure an emergency kit is in your car

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Dayton residents David and Kay Hirst say they make sure their cars are prepared for the winter as they know what to expect.

“I’m one of those preppers usually and of course, I have the little tool kit,” David says.

The couple has lived in Dayton for more than 30 years and say they know how to drive in the snow.

“Watch out for slick spots because they can pop up out of nowhere,” Kay says.

With a chance of snow Tuesday morning, the Ohio Department of Transportation is making sure crews are ready when the first flurry arrives.

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“We’re constantly watching the forecast, constantly in touch with the National Weather Service to see if there is any changes to the forecast, and then based on all of that, each of our counties will put together a plan of attack,” ODOT Press Secretary Matt Bruning says.

When severe weather hits, Bruning says crews will be ready to plow the roads.

“We have about 1,500-1,600 trucks across the state of Ohio about 3,000 men and women who can drive those trucks and they’ll do that on those 15-hour to16-hour shifts depending on what location so we’re constantly on the road,” Burning says.

If you’re on the roads when winter weather strikes, it is important to:

  • Slow your speed
  • Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going
  • Leave space for ODOT crews to clear the roads
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