‘I think it’s pretty crazy,’ FBI raid linked to Capitol riot stuns Champaign County village

WOODSTOCK, Champaign County — The rural village of Woodstock woke up Sunday to the sound of bullhorns, glass breaking and loud explosions as the FBI swarmed an apartment building in the heart of town looking for someone they believe was linked to the riot in Washington D.C.

“We heard sirens and we walked out and our living room was covered in lights. And we heard the FBI get on the speaker calling for someone to come down the stairs,” said Emma Dixon, who lives in the village in northeast Champaign County.

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It wasn’t a typical morning in the village that has a population of less than 300 people as agents surrounded the apartment looking for Jessica Watkins, 38, of Woodstock.

“Everybody’s talking about it. It’s crazy. This doesn’t happen like that in a small town,” said Courtney Yutzy.

Video obtained by News Center 7 on Facebook shows several FBI vehicles around the apartment at the intersection of East Bennett and Main streets around 6 a.m. Authorities had what appeared to be a spotlight fixed on the second story.

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“Jessica Watkins this is the FBI with a warrant. Come to the back door with your hands up and empty,” an FBI officer is heard saying over a bullhorn in the video.

The video also included loud bangs and flashes right before several law enforcement members enter into the apartment.

“I think it’s pretty crazy. Especially for a small town like Woodstock. But after like hearing everything going on with that woman, it was really no surprise that it was going to happen. But it was pretty crazy for the FBI to be here,” Dixon said.

The FBI arrested Watkins and another Champaign County resident Donovan Crowl and they’ve been booked into jail. Court records show both are believed to have been involved in the riot at the U.S. Capitol Jan. 6.