I-TEAM: News Center 7 finds price consistencies but increases at area Dollar General stores

MIAMI VALLEY — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said he is fixing Dollar General’s inconsistent pricing.

Several Dollar General stores in the Miami Valley were caught for charging higher prices for items at the register than what they were priced as on the shelf.

One month later, News Center 7 sent Haley Kosik shopping to see if the problem has been fixed.

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She purchased the same items as News Center 7′s Mike Campbell did back at a Dollar General in Englewood back in November.

He reported in November there were inconsistencies with the price of items many people use.

Kosik came back a month later and bought a few of the same items but the glass cleaner was out of stock.

The price for the motor oil, Rain-X and paper towels rang up the same as what was the price on the shelf but the prices for all three items went up.

Ohio Attorney General Yost has sued Dollar General.

“We’re waiting for their answer obviously. And we will vigorously prosecute this case to its conclusion,” he told News Center 7. “But at the moment, we are bound by the rules of procedure and they have to respond.”

Kosik reports the manager of the Englewood Dollar General location recently had an audit inspection and they passed.

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A lot of people are Christmas shopping with December 25 approaching.

There is still plenty of wrapping paper to choose from at the Dollar General on Stroop Road in Kettering. This was one of 22 in Montgomery County that failed an audit inspection back in November.

Kosik reports Ohio Attorney General Yost spoke to county auditors involved with this.

“We also have our own folks out,” he said. “Watching what’s going on and developing the case.”

News Center 7 also shopped for holiday supplies to see if the price stickers were the same as on the receipt.

Some of the items Kosik bought were a package of four pieces of wrapping paper, tape, a pack of cards and gift boxes.

The shelf prices of all these items rang up the same.

“I’m not the best at paying attention to these things,” said John Clark of Englewood.

But he tells Kosik he will double check the next time he shops at Dollar General.

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