I-TEAM: Former Dollar General employee speaks out about price-swapping allegations

MIAMI VALLEY — A former Dollar General employee is speaking out about the company’s ongoing struggle to match prices on shelves with prices at the register.

She said the blame shouldn’t be on workers or in-store management but high up the management train.

“They put their employees through way more than they should,” Lynda Swank said.

Swank learned for Dollar General for four years.

She said one day a week is supposed to be devoted to price-matching work.

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“There’s a thing called Super Tuesday and nothing is supposed to be done that day until changes are done,” she said.

There’s a problem with that plan though, Swank said.

The people that are supposed to do the price changes also have to wait on customers, stock shelves, clean the store and answer phones.

Swank said the stores often were not allowed to have more than two employees at a time, except maybe on truck days — which were not Tuesdays.

She said he worked at several different stores and would often have to deal with the nightmare of hundreds of pages of prices that needed to be changed.

Swank herself has even fallen victim to the alleged price swapping.

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“I confronted the manager and I said, you know, change it, she said, Oh I’m not allowed to do price changes anymore at the register,” Swank said.

Swank and Montgomery County Karl Keith remind customers that they have options.

“Make them make it right, if they don’t make it right don’t buy it, go somewhere else,” Swank said.

News Center 7 has reached out to Dollar General for a response multiple times but has not received a response.

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