I-Team: Brides say Greene Co. florist wrote them bad refund checks after canceling on their wedding

GREENE COUNTY — Brides say a Greene County woman who the Sheriff’s Office wants to arrest for writing bad checks in 2019 did the same thing to them.

“I just don’t know how she can do it to so many people,” Jennifer Vest-Brewer said.

She said Desiree Pace, the owner of Flowers by Des, canceled on her two hours before her October wedding.

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“My bridesmaid got an email saying that there was an accident and that all of my decorations and flowers were spread across 35 and nothing was salvageable,” Vest-Brewer said.

At the last minute, two other local florists came through for her so she could have decorations at her wedding.

“It was gorgeous,” Vest-Brewer said.

Then, things got ugly when Vest-Brewer tried to get her money back from Pace.

She said, Pace told her she would refund the money right away, but that didn’t happen.

During the three months of back and forth before Pace refunded Vest-Brewer the money, Vest-Brewer said Pace gave her a bad check.

It seems her story is not unique. Another bride told the I-Team’s Molly Koweek, the check Pace sent her after canceling on her wedding bounced multiple times.

Now, the Greene County Sheriff’s Office wants to arrest Pace for an unrelated but similar situation.

An incident report the I-Team obtained says in May 2019 a woman the Greene County Sheriff’s Office identified to WHIO as Pace gave a Xenia Township nursery two bad checks.

“She’s telling the same lies over and over again,” Vest-Brewer said.

News Center 7 has given Pace multiple opportunities to share her side of the story. She has declined every chance.

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