I-TEAM: Board of Pharmacy investigating complaints of under-filled prescriptions at local Kroger

VANDALIA — People are saying they are not getting their prescriptions filled in full at a local Kroger pharmacy.

The pharmacy in question is on Northwoods Blvd. in Vandalia and News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott spoke to a woman who said that on two separate occasions her prescription was short.

Stephanie Yahle, of Vandalia, took to social media when one of her prescriptions for a 210 milliliter medication was only filed with 150 milliliters.

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“We realized that it was like very short, like it was going to be out way before the time that it needed to be filled,” Yahle said.

She asked the pharmacy to give her the rest of the medicine, but Yahle claimed the pharmacy told her that was illegal.

“They said that there’s a new law in Ohio that prevents them from opening a new bottle,” Yahle explained.

She then went to a Kroger pharmacy in Englewood and was able to get her prescription filled.

“There’s no law in Ohio and they filled my prescription for the 210 as it was supposed to be and said there was no reason why the other Kroger should not have filled it,” she said.

Yahle told McDermott that this was not the first time she has had this issue.

“About a year ago there was another medication and we ended up being 100 pills short on the prescription,” she said.

The pills involved that time were for a loved one to prevent seizures. She said the pharmacy workers “argued back and forth” with her and accused her loved one of not taking the medication correctly.

“Then they went back and checked themselves, finally, and realized that they had 100 extra pills in their inventory,” Yahle said.

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On Facebook, other people said this problem has happened to them before and told Yahle to contact the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy, something she had done prior to posting online.

The I-Team reached out to the Board of Pharmacy and asked if they have had any complaints about the Kroger in Vandalia. A spokesperson said they could “confirm that we have received complaints regarding this pharmacy (although I’m not able get you an exact count) and we are in the process of investigating.”

When asked about the accusations, a Kroger spokesperson said they didn’t know about this problem.

Yahle told us that she hopes the pharmacy is held accountable so people get the medications they need.

“I don’t know if it’s just negligence or something else deeper than that is going,” she said. “So hopefully the Board of Pharmacy figures that out.”

Yahle also told the I-Team that the pharmacy in Vandalia is no longer filling her prescriptions, essentially banning her from the store.

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