‘I was just shocked;’ Preble County teacher allegedly put hands on 3rd-grade student

EATON — The mother of an eight-year-old girl who attends an elementary school in Preble County reached out to other parents on social media on Thursday over a teacher placing their hands on her daughter, wondering if anyone else had the same issue.

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Brittnee Nelson, the mother of a third-grade student at William Bruce Elementary School in Eaton, says her daughter came home last Tuesday with a note in her agenda book saying:

“I’m having a bad day. My teacher carried me by the neck and dumped out my stuff.”

Nelson told News Center 7′s, Brandon Lewis that after lunch, a student walked up to a teacher and asked for a piece of paper during class, but when her daughter asked for the same thing, she got a different response.

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Nelson claims the teacher put their hands on the eight-year-old and other students saw it.

“I was just shocked. I wouldn’t think that would happen in the school system at all, ever, especially in such a small town where everybody knows everything,” Nelson said.

The teacher allegedly placed her arm over the girl’s neck and placed the other hand on her shoulder, took her back to her desk, and then dumped everything out of her book bag, desk, and bin.

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“All of her pens, pencils and things that wouldn’t even have this piece of paper in it and then said, ‘you’re going to pick that up,’” Nelson said

Nelson has spoken to the elementary school principal and superintendent of Eaton Community Schools. The superintendent told the mother the teacher was reprimanded but did not give details.

News Center 7 reached out to Jeff Parker, superintendent of Eaton Community Schools, Friday regarding the incident and issued the following statement:

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We are aware of the situation. We have investigated the facts and have addressed accordingly. Beyond that we do not comment on personnel issues that do not rise to the level of discipline.

The eight-year-old has since been moved to a different classroom with a new teacher, but Nelson still wants to know if this teacher will face any consequences.

“I think that she should have at least had to go through some anger management, some time off,” Nelson said.

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