‘I have an intruder,’ woman says she shot man in deadly Bellbrook shooting

BELLBROOK — A woman told police she shot a man who she said walked into her house Saturday night on North Regent Park Drive in Bellbrook.

“I have an intruder, my child’s father, and he’s shot,” the woman said when she called 911. “He just walked in my front door. I was sitting in the garage smoking a cigarette.”

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Officers responded to the 1900 block of North Regent Park just after 6 p.m. after the woman called for help. Andre Evans, 40, of Dayton, was taken to Miami Valley Hospital South in Centerville, where he died from his injuries about an hour later, records show.

“I was sitting in my garage. I have a protection order against him,” the woman told police. “He’s in my garage lying down.”

News Center 7 is working to verify whether a protection order existed.

“Evans knew people at the Bellbrook home and this incident does not pose an ongoing danger to the public,” Bellbrook Police Chief Doug Doherty said.

An autopsy on Evans was completed Sunday, however preliminary cause and manner of death has not been determined. Dispatch records showed Evans was reportedly shot in the face.

Police have not made any arrests or charged anyone in connection to the shooting, however a Greene County Prosecutor’s Office representative responded to the shooting scene Saturday night.

“We expect the investigation to be a lengthy process, as we await autopsy and toxicology results, complete interviews, and gather additional evidence,” said Doherty.

Records show police did tow a vehicle from the home, however it was not immediately clear how that vehicle was involved.

In Ohio, residents are allowed to use deadly force to defend their home. The law, known as the Castle Doctrine, presumes that someone acted in self-defense when they used deadly force against someone who unlawfully entered their residence.

Bellbrook police have not said if the Castle Doctrine is in play in this case.

“Once the investigation is completed, the matter will be reviewed by the Greene County Prosecutor’s Office,” the Chief said.

Last fall, a new law made several changes to Ohio gun laws, which included a new provision that shifts the burden of proof in self-defense cases from the defense to the prosecution. The change requires prosecutors prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person who used deadly force did not do so in self-defense, defense of another or defense of the person’s residence.

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