How cash could be worth more than face value

Check the cash in your wallet because it could be worth more than its face value.

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Certain variations of serial numbers on paper money could entice collectors to pay big bucks for the bill, according to the financial news outlet The Penny Hoarder.

Serial numbers are unique to each bill, comprised of eight numbers and letters.

These numbers act as a code and will tell you what series year the bill is and where it was printed.

Serial numbers can be found on the front of U.S. currency and are always printed twice, according to The Penny Hoarder.

Currency collectors look out for different or “fancy” variations in the serial numbers. These variations make the bills valuable.

One of the valuable serial number variations could be worth anywhere from $9 to $100,000. It is known as the “ladder.”

This is when the serial number ascends or descends in chronological order. An example of this would be 12345678 or 87654321.

There are many other serial number variations that collectors look out for.

Some of those include low or high serial numbers. A low number example is 00000100 and an example of a high number is 99999900.

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Another serial number variation is solids or near solids. This is when a serial number has the same digit repeated.

One out of every 11 million notes is solid and they could be worth more than $500, according to The Penny Hoarder.

To learn about other variations collectors are interested in, visit The Penny Hoarder’s article.

If you believe one of your bills could be worth more than its face value, there are various websites that allow you to look up the serial number’s worth.

The Penny Hoarder suggests those with unique serial numbered bills list it on eBay.

You can also search locally to see if there are any paper money dealers in the area.