‘Hostile architecture’ installed in areas of downtown Dayton to deter loitering

DAYTON — The City of Dayton has installed new landscaping with the hopes it will deter people from loitering downtown.

The “hostile landscaping” is focused on Jefferson Street in the area south of RTA’s Wright Stop Plaza.

News Center 7 has previously reported concerns about unruly students loitering in the area.

In March 2023, police said in around a six-month timespan there have been more the 350 calls for police help, 74 arrests, dozens of citations, and 18 fights at the hub.

Police said then that the biggest problems were assaults, fights, disturbing the peace, and juvenile problems.

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Lola Taborn is in the area every other Friday to go to a convenience store. She said the new landscaping isn’t effective.

Doesn’t work. You see all the trash all over the place and all the children all over the place,” Taborn said.

She agreed there have been problems in the area.

Some who frequent the area said they were upset about this new measure as they are paying customers.

“There was a whole gate around the store for a whole year, they just started to remove it,” Alex Taylor said.

Taborn would like to see something else done for the area.

“Go get the parents and make them be supervised down here. I don’t think any child should be down here unsupervised,” she said.

News Center 7 reached out to the city for a statement about the landscaping but has not heard back as of Friday evening.

News Center 7 will continue to follow this story.

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