Hope Center opens in northwest Dayton

DAYTON — Breaking the cycle of generational poverty is what leaders at the Hope Center for Families is wanting to do.

The new center opened Wednesday night with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The $11 million facility is located in a part of northwest Dayton that has seen a lot of businesses leave in recent years. However, the Hope Center for Families is here to stay and hoping to making a change in the community.

Vanessa Ward, President of Omega Community Development Corp. said, “We endeavor to instill in people a desire to keep on keeping on.”

Ward said they have watched over the years one institution after another leave Salem Avenue.

“You will see the space for children being a very positive, loving and nurturing environment,” Ward said. “There’s a lactation room on each floor with the intent of a mother being able to come and nurse her child.”

There is also full pediatric services in the building from Dayton Children’s and adult classes through Sinclair College.

“Many times, as you’ve said we’ve siloed the support just for children or just for adults. You need to see them as a unit and work that process of evolution together.

The Hope Center for Families is now open and operating. It will also add 100 jobs to the community. For more information on the Hope Center for Families, check out the website at https://hopecenterdayton.org

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