Hamvention returns to Greene County this weekend, drawing visitors from around the world

XENIA — The community is getting ready for one of the biggest amateur radio events of the year.

“We have friends coming in from the Middle East, we got friends coming in from all over Europe, South America, Canada, Japan. We’ve had people from China come,” Michael Kalter, Hamvention spokesperson said.

Kalter said they expect thousands of new faces to appear in Xenia for the first time.

The Xenia Chamber of Commerce said it is huge for the city and Hamvention changed the face of the Greene County Fairgrounds.

Since coming to the Greene County Fairgrounds in 2017, Hamvention has continued to grow.

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Kalter said they expect to see 35,000 people.

“I don’t know quite yet if we’ll reach it but we very well could,” he said.

He and the 700 volunteers are ready for it.

At the Fairgrounds Tuesday, vendors were rolling out carpet, setting up tables, and getting their equipment ready.

“Vendors have lots of demonstrations and everybody is pretty willing to talk and share the latest technology they might have,” Kalter said.

Hamvention runs from Friday and Sunday.

Tickets can be found here.

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