Hamilton couple share secrets to being married 79 years -- and counting

HAMILTON — Hubert and June Malicote of Hamilton, married now for 79 years and each about to celebrate their 100th birthday, aren’t shy about sharing their secrets to longevity.

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“When I saw her, I said she’ll be a good one,” Hubert Malicote said in an interview with our news partner Local 12 in Cincinnati.

He met June at church in September 1941.

He was overcome by her beauty and while on a date at the Butler County Fair, he said he kissed her.

That sealed the deal to a relationship that continues to this day.

He returned to Hamilton in 1945 following a stint in the Navy -- they were newly wed at that point -- where they continue their wonderful life, as Hubert puts it.

“One thing you never want to hurt the one you love,” he said. “Put them first, above your own feelings. If you have difficulties work them out. I would say don’t go to bed mad.”

Hubert says that formula has developed a quarrel-free marriage.

Both will celebrate turning 100 years old this month, many say a testament to good living.

“And she keeps saying I’m 100 years old,” he said. “I can’t believe it.”

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