Group targets East Third Street development in Dayton

A group of five investors are targeting a section of East Third Street in the Huffman Historic District hoping to bring revitalization to the area.

Tony Clark, one of the founders of the Fifth Street Brewpub, has 20 percent ownership of four buildings along East Third Street between the 1600 and 1900 blocks.

“We want to put things down Third Street that draw people into the neighborhood,” Clark said, adding that the group of investors don’t have any specific plans for the four buildings, however hope to possibly duplicate the success of the Fifth Street Brewpub

The group purchased the former market building on the corner of East Third Street and Linden Avenue, as well as 2 buildings in the 1600 block and another in the 1900 block.

Clark said the group is already working to make needed repairs to the former market building, including roof work.

Clark said the community in the Huffman Historic Distric have been trying to revitalize the community for years, but said this investment group is taking the first steps to create a more vibrant community.

"For years it's been sitting empty and we've been trying to get a responsible buyer to purchase it or rehab it,” Clark "It's kind of the corner piece of our neighborhood."