‘Grateful every day;’ Local family recounts incidents that destroyed their home

COVINGTON, Miami County — A young family in Miami County needs help this holiday season.

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Within the past two months, their home has been struck by a car and has caught on fire, making it completely unlivable.

News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis spoke to the couple outside their home on the 200 block of South High Street in the village of Covington.

The couple says what they have gone through has been surreal, but they are grateful to be able to walk away unharmed.

Jaden Dear left their home to pick up their one-year-old daughter on Wednesday, Dec. 6, but when he returned, the home was engulfed in flames.

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“Jaden had just left to pick up our daughter down the road and within six minutes when he came back, it was on fire,” Araya Wilson says.

The fire caused severe damage, making the home completely unlivable.

The family says their puppy was able to make it out, but their cat Kyla did not.

“She’s just the sweetest girl and everybody loved her, and it breaks my heart. I miss her a lot,” Wilson said.

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The couple lost nearly everything in the fire, ranging from clothes to appliances.

“You see it on TV, and you never think it’s going to happen to you,” Wilson said.

Two months before the fire, a car operated by a driver under the influence of drugs crashed into their home while they were inside.

Jaden said he just got back from taking the dog out late that night.

“Not even like, five minutes later, we hear a loud ‘pff,’” Dear said.

The couple and their daughter survived both incidents without any injuries.

While it has been a difficult few months for the family, they are grateful for what they do have.

“Materials can be replaced, family can’t. And home necessarily isn’t a home, it’s with my family and just honestly just being grateful every day for just small things we all have,” Wilson said.

The couple said they are grateful for the community as people have been generous by dropping off clothes and making donations.

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