Going sledding?  You’ll want to read these safety recommendations

MIAMI VALLEY — Playing outdoors in the snow is always fun, but at times can be dangerous.

"I went down a hill and I fell into a hole," one young sledder said. Thankfully she was okay but others aren't always so lucky.

Thousands of children are injured every year in sledding accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Parks and golf courses allow people to sled at their own risk and proper planning is key.

"The biggest thing is you just gotta look out below," one parent said. "Be willing to scream and yell and have a good time but make sure people are seeing you."

If you are planning to go sledding experts recommend the following:

  • Children should have an adult present when sledding
  • Avoid sledding in areas with trees, fences, light poles or on rocky hills
  • Always go down hill feet first
  • Learn to stop and turn sled with your feet
  • Only have recommended amount of people suggested on sled
  • Don't sled on the street
  • Never ride in sled pulled by ATV, snowmobile or other motorized vehicle

SOURCE: Nationwide Children’s Hospital

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