Gas prices are going back up; Here’s why

Gas prices are going back up after weeks of seeing them steadily go down.

Drivers were shocked when they woke up and saw prices roughly 40 cents higher Tuesday than they were Monday.

They were even more surprised when they learned some of the factors for the spike.

“I’m upset about it I’m not gonna lie,” said Corde Kyles.

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Kyles was lucky he got a warning to fill up his tank the day before the spike.

“I was out here yesterday, and she was like, You guys better hurry up. It’s gonna jump 40 cents before I pressed this button. So I had to hurry up and get my gas,” Kyles said.

Others were stuck paying the high prices.

Kara Hitchens with AAA said the spike mainly has to do with refinery and maintenance issues, as well as last week’s heat wave.

“The heat index was in the hundreds, that really impacts how much the refinery can work and put out gas so they had to cut back on on their production at that time,” Hitchens said.

People News Center 7 spoke to at the pump weren’t satisfied. Even though they don’t accept the factors for the pricing they know they’ll still have to pay.

AAA said even though it is early when looking ahead at Fourth of July travel they do believe gas prices are going to stay around this price.

We will continue updating this story.

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