Freezing temperatures expected this weekend, how an expert says you can protect your home

As freezing temperatures make their way into the Miami Valley this weekend, there are preventative measures that can help protect homes against the extreme cold.

When temperatures drop, homeowners are at risk of facing pricey repairs such as frozen and busted pipes.

Experts like Jerry Wiley, who works at A-Atherton Plumbing in Kettering, offered advice to homeowners in preparation for the bitter temperatures.

Wiley recommended keeping your heat turned on, and then turning on your faucet, allowing a constant flow of water.

“You want to keep it in the middle, that way you get hot and cold, you don’t want to go to the left or the right, keep it in the middle so the hot and cold are running,” Wiley said.

He said that doing this will help relieve pressure in pipes and melt ice.

In addition, if any pipes are close to an outside wall, it is best to open up your cabinets.

“You do want to open up your cabinet doors when it gets below zero to allow the heat from the house to go inside the cabinet,” he said.

Another common problem seen during freezing temperatures has to do with water hoses.

Wiley said that best practice is to disconnect the water hose in the fall, to prevent freezing and busting in the winter.

When turning the water on in the springtime, water can sometimes begin spraying inside of the home.

It is important to know where the main water shut off is located inside of the home in order to be prepared if this happens.

“Always good to know where your main water shut off is, we always tell our customers, even if you leave for the weekend, shut your main water shut off off,” he stated.

Lastly, if pipes do freeze, a hair dryer or a space heater can be used to help them thaw, but be cautious not to melt the pipes or cause a fire, Wiley said.

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