Freeze Warning Issued: What you need to know

Cold nights are in store as temperatures reach near or below freezing for the next few nights.

As the growing season ends and nights can drop back to around freezing, it is important to pay attention to any frost advisories or freeze warnings the National Weather Service might issue, such as the Freeze Warning in effect from 2 to 10 a.m. Thursday

When cold temperatures are in the upper 30s, and clear conditions are evident, frost will develop, prompting a Frost Advisory. Frost forms when the temperature and cools to the dew point (frost point) which is at or below 32 degrees.

When nighttime temperatures are expected to drop between 33 to 36 degrees, a Frost Advisory will be issued. If temperatures are expected to drop to 32 degrees or colder, a Freeze Warning will be issued. The growing season will end when a widespread freeze or killing frost occurs.

On average, the Miami Valley sees 32 degrees at night around October 22. 32 degrees has been observed in the Miami Valley as early as September 21!

Since the air temperature is taken about 5 feet above the ground, there can be even colder temperatures that are occurring on the ground where your crops or plants located.

What can you do?

  • To prolong your plotted plants and pumpkins, it is best to bring them in
  • If you have plants in the ground, cover them with a sheet, or blanket. You could also use a flower pot flipped over to cover something still in the ground
  • By covering them, it blocks the cold air, and also prevents frost from settling into the plants. For pumpkins, allowing frost to get into them will burn the tops triggering them to begin rotting when temperatures increase.
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