ForEverGreen Program encourages locals to purchase live Christmas trees this year to plant in parks

BEAVERCREEK — Beavercreek’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Culture is urging locals to buy a “living tree” this year that can be planted after Christmas through the ForEverGreen Program.

After you are finished with your tree, the city will pick it up and plant it in a Beavercreek park, which could be a helpful way to replace the lost trees from the Memorial Day tornadoes in 2019.

“Putting trees in parks creates clean air, provides oxygen,” said Kim Farrell with the ForEverGreen Program. “When we plant them we take care of them, and you can go back to the park to see how your tree is growing.”

A “living tree” is considered to be bagged with the root and ready for planting. You can buy live Christmas trees from your local nurseries.