First Look: “Flying car” arrives in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD — A local company, Lift Aircraft, is creating a new device that some people refer to as a flying car.

News Center 7 got to take a look at the “Hexa” Aircraft, a device that has propellers and can be flown without a pilot’s license.

The training to fly the new aircraft takes less than an hour and the “Hexa” can be in the air in just 15 minutes.

“A lot of people call these flying cars,” said Matthew Chasen, Lift Aircraft CEO and founder.

“That may not be the best description, but essentially it’s a large multirotor drone that is capable of flying people. In this case a single pilot and our aircraft is classified as an ultra light so people can fly it.”

Lift Aircraft is working through an Air Force organization to do some of the testing on the “Hexa” as it waits on approvals.

In addition to flying the “Hexa” for recreation, the company and the state see the new aircraft as a way to help first responders get to places quickly.

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