First chemo cycle in the books for WHIO-TV anchor; Treatment’s been rough - May 5, 2023

DAYTON — News Center 7 morning anchor Nick Foley provided an update on his Multiple Myeloma treatment and said his first cycle of chemo is behind him.

Foley said he will have a week off before his second cycle of chemo begins later this month. In the meantime, “I have two more days of radiation in the area of my back where I have four bone fractures. It has been a tougher start than I anticipated.” Foley said.

He also said managing the pain definitely felt like moving goalposts at times but said he believes his doctors have finally found a combination that limits the knee-buckling episodes.

Nausea is another element that has made its presence felt but that too is a work in progress.

However, Foley said he’s ending the week on a high note. “I feel better today than I have felt in the last two weeks hands down. So here’s to the fight and moving forward and thank you so much again for the love and continued support even though I haven’t been able to get back to everyone.”

Foley went on to say, “Your encouragement is definitely a huge part in this battle for me.”

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