Local Walmart forced to close for the night after fire

BEAVERCREEK — A Beavercreek Walmart had to close for the night after a fire inside the store.

A video from an iWitness7 viewer shows flames inside the store and shoppers and employees standing outside.

“It seems like an inferno, a mini inferno in one of those aisles,” Jose Garcia of Beavercreek said.

Monday night, employees stood by the entrances with caution tape blocking them off.

“I seen the tape at the doors didn’t know what was going on, walked up there and they told me there was a fire, they’re closed,” Dale Watts said.

“We had to come and pick up our Walmart order because it was canceled. And we just figured, ‘Hey, let’s just go grab our own stuff because it’s canceled.’ And when we got here we saw a bunch of cops and ambulances,” Aniya Garcia said.

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A spokesperson for Walmart issued a statement in response to the fire:

“We’re grateful to local emergency crews for their quick response to our Beavercreek store at 3360 Pentagon Blvd. There were no injuries to associates or customers, and we’re currently assessing building damage. We’ll continue working with local authorities and focusing on the well-being of our associates.”

“I didn’t see the scene but I would have probably been one running and screaming with the kids,” Jose said.

Walmart and fire crews did not say what started the fire.

It is unclear how long the store will remain closed.

We will continue following this story and update as new information is available.

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