Potty mouth: Area FedEx driver fired for urinating on wall of business, threatening woman; report

DAYTON — A FedEx driver was reportedly fired after threatening a woman who tried to stop him from urinating inside of a Dayton business.

Around 3 p.m. Tuesday, a FedEx delivery truck pulled into the garage of Lewis & Michael Moving & Storage on Watterson Street. According to a Dayton Police incident report, the delivery driver got out of the truck and went to an interior wall of the warehouse and started urinating on it.

An employee of the company started yelling at the delivery driver to stop and directed him to their restroom, the report said. She also told the driver that they were a food grade shipping center and his actions were not allowed.

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The delivery driver then started “yelling and screaming and calling her names.” This is when the employee said she was going to call his supervisor.

As the delivery driver was unloading his packages, he told another employee of the company “if she gets me fired, I’ll come back and shoot,” the report said. The driver reportedly got back in his truck, where he continued yelling and “flipping the employee off.”

He then got out of his truck again and said there was a pick up he needed to get from the employee. During this time, he started cussing at the employee again and “balled up his fist and acted like he was going to hit” her, the report said. Another employee got in-between the two and the delivery driver left.

The delivery driver has since been fired from his job due to the incident, the report said.

News Center 7 did not identify the driver as he has not been formally charged.

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