Federal program that pays for COVID-19 care for uninsured ending

A federal COVID-19 program that pays for the testing, treatment and vaccines for those without health insurance is ending.

Starting March 22, health providers are no longer able to claim reimbursements after testing or treating someone with COVID-19 who does not have health insurance, our news partners at WCPO report.

Reimbursement claims for vaccines under the program will end April 5.

The expiration of the program comes after Congress failed to reach an agreement on new COVID relief funding in a broad budget bill President Joe Biden signed, according to WCPO.

“Congress has not provided us with the funding we need to continue the COVID-19 response and minimize the pandemic’s impact to the Nation and our economy,” a statement released from The White House said.

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Hamilton County Commission President Stephanie Summerow Dumas told WCPO that there are various local safeguards to insure people without health insurance can still receive COVID care.

“There are so many places that are providing testing and vaccines, you know, pharmacies, other small health centers,” Dumas told WCPO.

This is also the case for Montgomery County.

Public Health- Dayton and Montgomery County hosts vaccine clinics locally and does not bill your insurance company, according to their website.

Tiffany Mattingly, Vice President, Clinical Strategies at The Health Collaborative recommended anyone without health insurance search for federally qualified health centers on this website when looking for treatment.

Individuals can also still order free at-home tests from the federal government here.

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