Energy drink popular with kids, teens contains more caffeine than it claims, lawsuit alleges

A new lawsuit claims the popular Prime energy drink has more caffeine than it claims.

Prime advertises its drink has 200 milligrams.

A new class action lawsuit alleges testing found it had about 225 milligrams.

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This is equivalent to around two cups of coffee or two Red Bulls.

The lawsuit claimed Prime markets toward children and teenagers.

“There is no proven safe dose of caffeine for children,” the Prime class action lawsuit states. “Side effects for kids consuming caffeine could include rapid or irregular heartbeats, headaches, seizures, shaking, stomach upset and adverse emotional effects on mental health.”

Founder and popular YouTube personality Logan Paul has previously pushed back on the claim that the drink is marketed toward children.

“The good thing about social media is there’s data, right? There’s analytics. 90% of my audience is above the age of 18. 93% of Prime’s audience is above the age of 18, according to Instagram’s analytics,” Paul told ABC News.

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