Downtown Dayton stretch of I-75 becoming crash zone, OSP data suggests

Downtown Dayton stretch of I-75 becoming crash zone, OSP data suggests
Photo taken from a semi crash scene on I-75 near the N. Main Street exit.

Over the last three years, approximately 600 accidents have happened along a three-mile stretch of Interstate 75 in Dayton, making the area somewhat of a crash zone, according to data from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Of this time span, more than 400 accidents on the stretch of highway from mile marker 53 near the U.S. 35 exit up to Stanley Avenue involved property damage, 170 involved injuries and three were fatal, News Center 7's James Buechele reports.

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According to the data, 41 percent of these accidents occurred during rush hour between 3 and 5 p.m.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to drivers.

“Anywhere from about from 3:30-ish on it is packed and it’s hard to get through. Idiots cutting over not using turn signals, speeding, flying, all that stuff,” New Carlisle resident Brian Reed told Buechele.

Thursday happens to be the busiest day of the week for collisions along the stretch, with 115 crashes reported in the last three years.

The accident last week involving a jack-knifed tractor trailer near the North Main Street exit occurred on a Thursday, injuring no one and involving no other vehicles.

“I’ve seen one right here coming up 75, four cars in a row just smashed into each other,” Reed said.

As for reducing the number of crashes, drivers have their own theories.

“A better conversion from 75 to [state] Route 4 would be better,” Reed said.

This year, 189 accidents have been reported as of early November. Last year, a total of 232 accidents along the stretch were reported.